Google Introduces Google+ Sign In, a new Authentication Platform

Google has added a new application sign-in feature to its popular social networking platform Google Plus. The feature is believed to provide app developers with an option of allowing users sign up with their Google account.

Google Plus Sign In 1

Google claims, the feature is simple, secure and prohibits social spam. Users can use their existing credentials to sign in to apps outside of Google. Just review the Google+ permissions screen (outlining the data you’re sharing with the app, and the people who can see your activity), and you’re ready to go.

Google Plus Sign In 2

Moreover, there’s good protection feature like 2-step verification so, you can always be sure about your sign-in. The 2 step verification feature prompts users for another numeric code in addition to their password.

If you remember, Facebook and Twitter have similar features that let users connect their account to other websites. Beginning from today, the Google Plus sign-in button will be visible on different sites.

Google + Sign-in features

Interactive Posts

Any person can choose to send an interactive post to their friends on Google Plus, every time they purchase something or check into a location by making use of ‘Call to action’ button. The post when sent, gets displayed  in the friend’s Google Plus stream where they can respond to the “call to action”.

Google Plus Sign In 3

Over-The-Air Installs

With this feature at hand, users can sign into a website directly  with their Google account and get an option to download an app directly to their Android device without having to leave the site.

App Activities

This allows the activity of an app user to be displayed on their Google+ profile. Developers interested in using the Google Plus Sign-In can find more information in the developer docs.

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