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  1. That’s great for those with a lot of knowledge who want to be sure everyone knows just who meted out an answer; I still like TWC for Windows issues, as so many freely and casually give out advice like this: you know how on Windows 7 you sometimes suddenly “lose” a number of gigabits in freespace, then after feeling like you’ve been pounding railroad spikes with your head as to why nothing can see any large new file you brace for tree examinations/mem tests? Next time that happens, just go to Windows Explorer search box, type in “size:gigantic” (minus quotes), wait until search finishes, and see if any app threw some file or cache to root drive/encrypted file; if one looks giant and new but you’re not sure, then you can screen-capture results and maybe show it here or at “.HOW” for further help. (I’ve had errors with things like VLC player tossing giant captures this way, as example). If no such file, then first begin the lengthy memory inquiries.

    Thanks for the tip which even I might take advantage of; hope my tip is useful too, Cheers!

  2. I’m glad to know about your VLC player & other skills that you shared above. I’m looking forward to see atleast one .HOW domain website on the same from you.. All the very best, Thanks !

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