Google is making Chrome speedy again, hooray!

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  1. It doesn’t seem too much at all.

    “The changes Google has made has made it possible for Chrome to detect with a computer is running low on memory, and thus choose to stop restoring some of the tabs.”

    What will happens with the feature? I’m gonna lost my opened tabs?
    Why not save it on hard-disk google?

  2. Chrome is overrated already, Firefox (and Chrome) are getting old and it’s time for people to start looking for alternatives. Just like gaming companies like Blizzard, Google suffer from the same illness – being too high on fame and riches, which causes their products to lose quality with each passing second.

    World of Warcraft used to be a great game till 2007, then it went down the drain and became a piece of garbage.
    Google Chrome used to be a lean and clean, simple browser, which loaded pages really fast and was light on resource consumption, now, after a week (or a few days of use), one needs to clear the whole cache and SQL libraries, otherwise Chrome loads 10 times slower.

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