Google, Microsoft, BMW top 2014 World’s Ideal Employers rankings

Google, Microsoft and BMW have emerged as the top employers in the World’s Ideal Employers rankings, among Engineering companies,  according to a survey done by Universum, a global Employer Branding Leader, that conducts research studies on talent career expectations.

As per Universum, the survey was done on 2, 00,000 business and engineering students across 12 countries.

The four primary conclusions from the survey

  • Job preference of students from Asia and Russia vary widely while students’ preference in western countries is relatively similar. Hence companies looking to hire in Asia and Russia need to customize their employer value propositions.
  • Information gathering pattern about potential employers vary widely based on the market. For instance social media could be a medium for job search in some countries while in some countries students may use in-person channels
  • Learning organizations are likely to attract best talents in the coming years as they are more likely to provide opportunities for professional development, training and mentoring.
  • Students prefer organizations that promote creative, dynamic work environments.

Who are the top employers

Among the top preferred employers, conducted amongst 3000 companies in over 40 markets, Google, Microsoft, BMW, Apple and GE dominated the top 5 positions as World’s ideal employers for Engineering students.

While the top 5 positions for World’s Ideal Employers for business students was dominated by Google, Ernst & Young, PwC, KPMG and Deloitte. Microsoft finished a close 6th position in this category.

Notably, Google leads the list in both the categories, according to the survey.

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