Google Mobile Network to offer Free International Roaming

Google is in talks with several mobile operators including Hutchison Whampoa the owner of Three in order to let subscribers to use its upcoming mobile phone network to introduce free international roaming. By creating a global mobile network Google aims to provide uniform costs for calls, texts and data no matter where the subscriber is located.


Google Mobile Network working on providing free international roaming

By partnering with Hutchison, Google could gain complete access to mobile service in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy and several other countries. Though Google defines it as a small scale project, industry analysts have predicted Google’s network is going to put pressure on the cost of America’s biggest mobile operators like AT&T and Verizon, who are market leaders who enjoy higher profit margins than their European counterparts.

Sources confirm that Hutchison was a natural partner for Google, because the company has sought to remove roaming charges for customers who use “Three” network.

Google had announced its plans to launch a mobile network last month. Reports from trusted sources suggests Google has no plans to offer a mobile network to British consumers in full scale and it is not likely in near future. The European mobile operator market is very competitive and eliminating roaming charges are already on their roadmap.

Both Google and Three has declined to comment on this move.

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