Google offers 2GB Extra Space on Safe Internet Day

Safe Internet Day is here again and Google is again offering additional 2GB space in your Google Drive. All you need to do is to complete a Security Checkup of your privacy settings and you get the free 2GB of space.

This is a special promotional offer run by Google on Safe Internet Day every year. It is a simple Security checkup which takes less than a minute and adds additional 2GB of storage space in your Google Drive.

How to complete Google Security Checkup

Sign into your Google account and head over to Google Security Settings. The Security Checkup consists of various steps where you need to check and verify your setting preferences.

  • Checking your recovery information- Check if all your recovery email address, your phone number, and the security question are correct or not. You can edit any of your information here if you want. It is always important to give the correct recovery email address and phone so that Google can contact you if there is any suspicious activity on your account. Check your details and click on Done to get onto the second internet day 1
  • Checking your connected devices- Google sends you an email every time you log-in to your Google account with any device. In this section of Google Security Checkup, you need to check all your devices connected with your Google account. Check if any of the connected devices look unfamiliar to you. If you find any suspicious login details, click on Something looks wrong, otherwise, click on Looks Good for next step. safe internet day 2Clicking on Something looks wrong, takes you to a page where you can change your password. safe internet 3
  • Disabling access for less secure apps- We often use our Google account to log into various apps, games, and websites; some of them use unsafe sign-in technology which further make your account vulnerable. This section of Google Security Checkup lets you disable access for less secure apps. Check and click on Done. safe internet 4
  • Checking your account permissions- Under this section, you can check and review all apps and websites linked to your Google account. Check, remove the websites you don’t trust and click on Done. safe internet 5

Four simple steps and you are done with the Google Security Checkup. You get an extra 2GB space in your Google Drive for completing the security checkup. The extra space might not reflect immediately in your account, wait for some time and check again. safe internet 6

Celebrate the Safe Internet Day with Google and check your privacy settings with Google Privacy Checkup Tool.

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