Google quietly launces

Google has quietly launched via Slide, which is a part of Google Inc. The service allows you to create a contest, or a request for other users to create content and back it up by a prize.  You can answer questions and win prizes if your answer is selected as the best one by the thread poster.

You have to sign-up using your Facebook or Twitter account.

  • Post a task or question, offer a prize and let the crowd help you out!
  • Win Contests. Win real money by entering a contest. Receive votes for your entry and win big!
  • Make Money. Contest creator will receive the work they asked for and winner will take home cash!

Currently you can see several contest theread, ranging from “Help me name my new screen printing company” to “Seeking advice for a one-week trip to Anchorage, Alaska”.  The prizes currently being offered for the best answers ranges from $10 to $50 – and this is just the beginning.

Head over to if you’d like to check it out.

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