Google starts replacing Gmail by Inbox

Logged in to your Gmail account lately? Got the pop-up notification saying, “Thanks for trying Inbox”? Relax, that’s the new experimental service from Google which will supposedly replace Gmail, the email service. As users log-in to their Gmail account, they get a notification box saying,

“Thanks for trying Inbox! To make it easier we’ve updated Gmail to redirect you here”. It appears whenever a user logs into Inbox”.inbox by gmail

Inbox By Gmail

Google has silently planned to kill its only email service, Gmail and replace it with ‘Inbox By Gmail’. Updated Gmail redirects the users to ‘Inbox By Gmail’ and also gives an option to stay with the old familiar Gmail. Any user who doesn’t want to go with the new Inbox can use the option of “Turn it off” and they will get the old dedicated Gmail domains.

Inbox by Gmail, seemingly is coming with more advanced features and functionality improvements. It highlights the important emails and helps users to keep your emails well. Some other notable features include recognition of photos and documents, reminders for upcoming flights and events and. The service is still in its Beta mode and users may have it sometime by the end of next year.

Inbox however was introduced back in October 2014 and after working for 14 long months and getting positive feedback from users, the company has now decided to position it as a replacement for Gmail. Forbes recently reported that Google has already began migrating the users from Gmail to Inbox. The notifications initially was sent to a select group of users but was expanded after getting positive response.

While Google is asking users to move their old Gmail to the new Inbox but there is still an option for users to opt-out and go back to Gmail.

You can try the new Inbox by Gmail here and see if you want to replace it with your old familiar Gmail.

Take a look at this Tips and Tricks for using Inbox by Gmail post now.

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  1. Ed

    You forgot to mention that right now inbox only supports Chrome, Firefox or Safari. If you try to access it using IE you will get a message saying so.

  2. saperetic

    Still trying to find a way to completely remove Inbox from my Google account. Opting out as described in the article is only superficial. Tried Inbox a few times and never liked it.

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