Google Suggest feature gets a tweak!

The Google Suggest feature, in Google Search offers spell-corrected search completions, to provide you with similar search queries from other users.

With this feature, not only does Suggest help you rest your fingers because you don’t have to type out a full query, you can also catch a mistake quickly and easily.

Google have now launched an update that makes Google Suggest even more intuitive and simple.

If you’re typing a query for which there are no search completions to offer, and yet some of your search terms do seem to be misspelled, Google Suggest will now offer a “Did you mean” suggestion for your query—giving you an option to correct your spelling right away and get on with your search.

These spelling suggestions already exist on the results page, but by moving them to an earlier point in the search process, we hope we’ve made it faster and easier to get to the results you’re looking for. Right now, this feature is offered only for in English, but we’re working to roll this out internationally in the near future, says Google.

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