Google launches Google Tips website to help you get the most out of Google Services

Search giant Google has launched a new website, Google Tips which aims to make the life of customers easy. As its name suggests, the site offers ample of tricks and other tips which let you make more use of Google services.

Google Tips

Google Tips

The 13 services whose tips are being offered are, Android, Chrome, Gmail, Google+, Calendar, Docs, Drive, Keep, Maps, News, Play, Search and YouTube. These tips are scattered in the form of cards, the exact way things are jotted and interacted on Google Now. If you liked a trick, you can then share it with others over several social networks and emails.

For instance, some of the tips shared under Gmail section guides you on how to unsend an email, and how to make your Chrome browser notify you when you receive a new email. Similarly, on Chrome page, you are taught how to resume your work regardless of the platform you are using.

You can also set your smartphone to tell you about the whereabouts of your flight, outside weather, traffic information, and the hotspots for internet nearby your location. The Calendar section tells you how to make two people’s calendar work in harmony.

The site is filled with really handy tips which can make your life easier and fun. The user interface of the website is pretty neat as well. You can learn all these tricks in a matter of a few flips of cards, literally. You can visit the Google Tips from its official website here.

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