Google Trend : Who is searching for sex-related content the most!

Google ranks Pakistan No. 1 in the world in searches for certain terms, outranking every other country in the world in searches per person for certain sex-related content.

Google Trends generates data of popular search terms in geographic locations during specific time frames. Google Insights is a more advanced version that allows users to filter a search to geographic locations, time frames and the nature of a search, including web, images, products and news.

Pakistan ranked No. 1 in all the searches listed above on Google Trends, but on only some of them in Google Insights.

“We do our best to provide accurate data and to provide insights into broad search patterns, but the results for a given query may contain inaccuracies due to data sampling issues, approximations, or incomplete data for the terms entered,” Google said in a statement, when asked about the accuracy of its reports.

In addition to banning content on 17 websites, Pakistan is monitoring seven other sites, Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, MSN and Hotmail,  for anti-Islamic content.

The country’s punishment for those charged with blasphemy is execution, but the question remains what, if anything, can be done about people who search for such content on the Web.

Source: Fox News.

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