Google Trend : Who is searching for sex-related content the most!

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  1. lolz.. Amazing, especially considering the fact that its barely close to the most populated countries!

  2. it’s not about the people who search in the web,
    it’s about the result, what you will find if you search about Islam in foxnews ?

  3. woooooooo …….. not so impressive fox news ………can any one tell me if pakistanis are topping these searches from 2004 then why these figures are published in 2010 specially after only Pakistanis showing resistance and reaction against the hate content on face book bing google and other site.
    Pakistan is the 6th largest nation of world with a population of appx 17 crores with internet users not more than 3 crores now just compare with India they have a population of more than 100 crores so much more internet users and so on……. i dont beleive the report .

  4. also one should be not so decisive in making the decisions ……. there are softwares available in the market that changes your location, as people uses in countries which have strict monitoring on internet like Saudia. People used these softwares to use face book in Pakistan during the days it was banned recently ……:(

  5. The Fox News attribution sort of dampens its credibility. Still, glad America didn’t show up on any of these.

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