Google updates policy: Use real names on Google+ or get banned!

Google+ has made some policy changes. Earlier if Google found that you were not using your real names for Google+ profiles, it straight away suspended your profile and then let you appeal.

But starting now, there is a change in this policy. Now Google will give you a 4 day notice to let you change your profile name to a real one. For these four days you can continue to operate your Google+ account. If at the end of 4 days Google finds that you have not changed the name, Google will terminate your account.

No more appeals!

In the event of termination, you will be allowed to export your data using Google Takeout.

The angry comments on the video’s YouTube page make an interesting read!

I will be removing Google+ from my online activities. There are many reasons for the use of pseudonyms, including personal safety. For years, we have instructed children to not use real names online for privacy and safety concerns. Now Google in its INFINITE UNwisdom decrees that only ‘real names’ will be used. Goodbye Google. So much for ‘Do no evil’, says gwyddonaid.

There are already reports that Google+ growth has shown a slow-down in recent past. Is user-interest waning? Will this step further alienate users? What do you think!?

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  1. Dantv

    Google is just an advertising company. I avoid all things Google!

  2. Nt0xik8ed

    screw those nosey scumbags.

  3. JUHAX69X

    I use pseudonyms everywhere in the web. I think it´s one major safety possibility for me and everybody. Also my real name is very difficult to others. When I tell my real name to people, most common answer is “WHAT??” True.
    I have one email on my real name and about 15 whith pseudo names. For security and privacy reasons.
    If I really can´t get google+ account with pseudo some day, then I don´t need their service. That´s it. Thank you.

  4. Xyico

    Facebook is better than Google+ in this matter! Atleast we can use nicknames and change whenever we needed. That gives more privacy than google+

  5. Anonymous

    They are doing this to successfully integrate content authoring url in their google services… This kind of policy will bring google+ down compare to facebook…

  6. Mike Solstice

    One of the very first things I was taught about the net as a teenager (back in the mid-90s) was to NEVER, EVER use your real name on the ‘net. It’s not safe & is an incredibly stupid idea. That’s basic Net Safety 101 & Google should know that. Luckily the pseudonym I use looks like a “real” name (most people never guess it’s fake) so the chances of them banning me for it are slim to none. Still a very, very stupid rule & Google needs to re-examine what they’re doing. History has shown, you try to force rules on your users that make no sense (to them) and PRESTO they’re no longer your users.

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