Google VPN to hit Android devices soon

Google is everywhere. You have been using it as a search engine for years. Then you used its cloud offering in form of Google Docs that are not part of Google Drive. You probably used Google DNS too. You may also have heard and may have used the Google Balloon Internet. Now comes the latest from the search engine giant, a VPN service called Google VPN.

Google VPN

Google VPN

Many of us use open Wi-Fi connections at bus or air terminals, coffee shops and hospitals etc. There are public WiFi safety issues as well as security issues with public Wi-Fi connections. To solve the problem, we recommended using VPN as one of the options to secure your data among other precautions to use at Public WiFi.

Google DNS provides us with DNS servers that filter out malware infected sites to offer a protected browsing experience. Likewise, the Google VPN would create a secure tunnel to be used for protection of data while at public hotspots. The initial reports on Google VPN does not mention any types of charges on using the VPN. It, however, indicates that the Google VPN would be more inclined towards Android devices, Lollipop and up. It might still take a while before the service is available to regular customers.

The Google VPN can be found on Android 5.15 so people using devices incompatible with Lollipop might not be able to use the service. There is a range of other VPN services available that work with Android while providing VPN services, we know it is easy to break any VPN service – especially if it is dropping connections. Google VPN, when it is released, can be trusted over other VPN services as it has less chances of dropping connections and would mean more secure VPN service.

There are no reports if other operating systems can use the service. If it is just like other VPNs, Windows users might be able to use it. However, if it is for Android only and comes preconfigured, we might expect a pretty small user base when the Google VPN opens up for the public.

However, there are doubts on how many people in the user base will actually use the service as it is no secret that Google collects data. While some experts feel Google can keep feds away by encrypting the data being passed on the secure tunnel, others feel that we are putting all our data – more than we are doing now – into the hands of Google if we are to use the VPN from Google.

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  1. A VPN service from Google! Just few weeks back, I was reading they are also into Mobile operator business in US!

  2. Arun Kumar

    Mobile operations? Could be possible. Google has its “nose” everywhere. ๐Ÿ˜€

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