Google: We will never be evil like Microsoft

At a recent press conference in New York, Google CEO Eric Schmidt and co-founder Sergey Brin fielded a lot of questions, on varying topics, from the media.

Here is one which caught my attention: Smile

Q. Why won’t you be like Microsoft with regard to antitrust?

Schmidt: Many reasons. Culture, for one. Another reason is that majority of users are one click away from moving away from us. Third: If we went into an “evil room” and had an “evil light” shined on us, and we then behaved in an “evil way” we would be destroyed….There is a fundamental trust between Google and its users.”

Full interview at AllThingsDigital.

What do you think? Or is, as some say, Google the new Microsoft?

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  1. Nitin

    how they’ll called Microsoft an evil ?? they are doing business and as much i know they offers a lot more public welfare programs then google….

    in btw i recently read a article about google and microsoft which i have shared at forums. check it out…

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