Google launches What Do You Love website

Google seems to have quietly rolled out, WDYL standing for What Do You Love. The idea of the website appears to be return results from among many of Google’s services. When you search for a term like say ‘Windows’, the results are presented in small boxes, each pertaining to results from a Google service.

There are now a lot of Google services that have been added over the years, and its rather difficult keeping a track of them all. Using, you will be presented with all the Google services at one place for the searched term.

Well, I did try a few terms, and was too happy with the results – sometimes they are out-and-out funny. Do check out for yourself and let me know what you think.

Via TechCrunch.

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  1. TuneUp

    Thanks for sharing this article – I just checked out for the first time and it’s very entertaining. It’s great to see that Google takes the time to develop tools that users can have a little fun with. Do you have any idea what the goal of this service is for Google?

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