Guess the year’s top trends with Google’s Game of the Year Quiz

The search engine giant – Google has launched the first-ever game based on Google Search trends. It’s called ‘Game of the year’ quiz. As we know, the company releases a roundup of its top search trends every year, but this is the first time the company has developed a game based on search data.

Google Quiz contest

The year 2018 is close to an end and it had its share of interesting (good and bad) events. As such, checking or testing how much you can afford to remember about 2018 by answering questions related to trending searches on Google during the past 345-something days appears a fun exercise.

Play Google’s ‘Game of the Year’ Quiz

Take a stroll through Google Search trends and you’ll discover a lot of fun stuff about the year, from royal weddings and major news events to unexpected memes and breakthrough stars. And while the headlines of 2018 will look pretty familiar, what trended the most on Search can be quite surprising. How well do you know what the world searched for this year’ mentioned a note on Google.

Google’s ‘Game of the year’ is quite simple to play and requires no prior training: Every player just needs to answer a series of questions about this year’s trending searches, collecting points along the way. There are about 20 randomized questions and you have 10 seconds to select as many correct answers as you can.

A player can customize the pitch and speaking speed of the narrator at the start of the game. The questions get harder as one advances through the game. A special bonus round increases the difficulty even more. Players can invite their friends to test their own Google Search trendiness.

A brief background about ‘Google of the year’ game – the game’s host has been built using Google Cloud and WaveNet, Google’s text-to-speech technology. Also, it is powered by machine learning. For more information, visit the link given below. Go here to play the game.

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