Microsoft India releases Guardian Windows Phone security app for women

Microsoft India today embraced womankind in its long list of useful apps by releasing an excellent security app for women. The newly launched app named “Guardian” is specially designed for women and includes more safety features and capabilities than any other comparable app. After the hard work of six months a group of IT major Microsoft employees finally released the app yesterday on Thursday.

Windows Phone security app for women

Windows Phone security app for women

Given the recent incidents of brutal rape, molestation and attacks, reported from across the country, “Guardian” was one of the most needed apps for women. The app uses location based technology and enables women to send an SOS alert to friends, relatives as well as to security agencies directly via SMS and emails informing them of the emergency along with the location details.

Women in distress can send the SOS alert just by pressing the SOS button on the ‘Guardian’ app. This single click will then send the emergency alerts to friends and security agencies in real time and would even post an alert message on the Facebook pages of groups registered in the apps settings.

Guardian is the ultimate security app in your hand. Being easy to configure and the power of being tracked by buddies and security groups simultaneously, ensures multi-fold security for you. Guardian uses Microsoft Windows Azure cloud services and Bing Map APIs extensively and can help security authorities and medical teams track the user. The phone can be traced even if it is broken. The application is capable of one touch video recording that may be used later as evidence.

The ‘Guardian’ app is released exclusively for Windows Phone users in India but the best part is that even the feature phones will receive the alert messages sent through the app in Windows Phone. All you need to do is to add the numbers and names whom you want to inform when you are in some serious trouble.

Exclusive Features of ‘Guardian’ :

  • It is a simple app and offers an easy account set-up.
  • The app works on Microsoft’s Azure cloud service and Bing Map features which activate the real time ‘Track Me’ feature in the app.
  • Sends regular SOS alerts to friends and security agencies. The phone can be traced even if it is destroyed.
  • Requires no internet (GPRS) connection to send alerts.
  • Another feature of one touch recording is also added in the app which may help the user to record a video as evidence.

Raj Biyani, Microsoft IT India Managing Director said during the launch, “Our employees wanted to do something to enable people to feel safer in our cities. So they used their spare time to develop Guardian. It is a robust personal security app with more safety features and capabilities than any other comparable app available to Indian smartphone users today”.

After a complete in-house testing the app is now available for download the Windows Phone App store.

Windows Phone 8 users can download it here. Take a step towards safety!

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