Hacker shows how easy it is to hack people in public

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  1. Public WiFi being a blessing is a boon too as it is quite easy for hackers to compromise the personal information of users. It has become quite necessary to use a VPN while using public WiFi as it encrypts your connection and provide a safe passage for carrying out activities. I am using PureVPN to safeguard my devices while on a public WiFi and it works good for me.

  2. I agree; but what I’m noticing with Google, MS, et al secure accounts is that your VPN resolver and IP must be from within your usual country, or they block certain accesses on thought you yourself are a hacker. So yes, PureVPN and Cyberghost are among the kinds that keep you safer but don’t trigger red flags; on other hand, say using Touch VPN extension in Slimjet and Simple DNScrypt for your resolver will cause many “suspected hacker/TOR” roadblocks. Cheers!

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