Host a Windows 7 Meetup – Another Microsoft Initiative!

If you’ve not been lucky enough to be selected for the Windows 7 House Party, don’t worry! You can host an online Windows 7 Meetup !

windows 7 meetup

Microsoft has launched yet another unique concept. Get a group of your friends or coworkers together and show them how everyday tasks are easier with Windows 7. They have tried to make it just as easy to host a meetup.

Using social media, like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc, join the Windows 7 conversation and tell others what you’re doing, thinking, or learning.

To help get the word out, there are plenty of ways you can promote your party online. Microsoft has has made available a toolkit to inform your friends and contacts online about your upcoming MeetUp.

They’ve prepared some messages that you can use to promote your meetup. Download the available Microsoft Word document for sample Tweets, emails, and status updates to invite your network to your meetup.

The Countdown Widget is cool and you can place it on your blog, Facebook, or MySpace page so everyone will know when Windows 7 is available. Each day will display a new fact or tip about Windows 7, which will help you and your friends learn about the new system.

Visit the Windows 7 Meetup homepage and simply follow the steps. Dont forget to view or download the excellent resources on the way.

Have fun! Thanks Nitin.

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