How the MSN Home Page has changed!

Microsoft today unveiled a preview of its most significant home page redesign in over a decade. The new MSN home page is designed to be the best home page on the Web, with powerful Bing search, the top news and hottest entertainment, and some of the most popular social networks — all in a fresh new look.

msn logo

The new home page will deliver comprehensive local information from the new MSN local information offering, MSN Local Edition, also unveiled today. Beginning today, anyone can preview the new home page at The new home page will begin rolling out today and become widely available to U.S. customers early next year.

Microsoft has started from scratch to cut the clutter on our homepage and reduced the amount of links by 50%. There’s also a simplified navigation across news, entertainment, sports, money, and lifestyle. Local information from your neighborhood is important to you and so is high quality, in-line video. Also included is a feature to display the latest information not only from your favorite sources, friends, Facebook, Twitter, & Windows Live services.

Also check out this tour of vintage MSN homepages. It shows how the MSN homepage has changed since launching in 1995.

vintage msn

Check out above what the MSN homepage looked like when it first launched on November 20, 1995, about the same time as Windows 95 and Internet Explorer.

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  1. Georghe M. Kelley

    Don’t like the new look at all

  2. Del McKinley

    I don’t like it. The old one was much better!

  3. Don Norris

    Give us our old MSN back.Will change homepage now…

  4. Ralph Gillions

    I hate it! Hate it!
    I cannot get my local UK weather forecast now.
    Thanks for cutting out we customers in the UK!
    I hate it.

  5. Sue Williams

    Do not like the new homepage at all. The old one was better. Will not use msn for my homepage.

  6. stephen satornino

    Ummm It was so bad I had to change google to my new home page. 🙁

  7. Greg Keeling

    Hate the new webpage. Strongly dislike the change happening without being made better aware. Changing to another homepage right now.

  8. Mary

    I sure don’t like it. It looks plain, and uninviting. I will change to a new home page (Yahoo or something).

  9. I absolutely hate the new design! If they don’t go back I will use a different home page.

  10. B

    I have to agree with everyone. I don’t like the new design and I’ll switch to something else until they change it back.

  11. Larry

    I hate I am going to to google as my home page

  12. Sandra C Valone

    Bought new computer was forced to take VISTA. I loved XP now I can do nothing. I want my old homepage back. I will try to learn the New Word and EXCell, but why couldn’t you leave us alone.

    I am in my 60’s and sick now so it’s harder to make the change, May I please have my old HomePage with options to access Hotmail, Messenger ,etc. I buy the current Norton/Symantec Internet program for the year. Please help me. Thank you for taking the time to read this, or I have lost yet another facet of my life that I cannot restore myeelf.

  13. Todd Rent

    I don’t like the new page. Too much white space…can we please have a choice to revert to the old one???

  14. I do not like the new home page like the rest of the people.I will have to use a new page.Again you do not offer a choice or ask ahead of time for a pole as to what people want.Like the rest of the world we do not have any choice as to what we would like anymore.This is it like it or not.Thank You John.

  15. michael

    MSN says “we listened”. To who? Not me! I’m a big fan of “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”, and I don’t think I’m alone. And why, every time I turn around, does it seem that MSN is trying to shove Bing down my throat? MSN- I USE GOOGLE, get over this BING thing. I don’t want to use it. I use what I’m comfortable with. Just one more thing to up the anxiety level. Sheesh!

  16. Mick

    Old MSN homepage link below. Make sure to change it to your homepage settings. Tools>Internet Options> “use current” All site are monitored for traffic so Microsoft just might get the message that people don’t care for their version of “New Coke”. Link below.

  17. BigBen

    Change for its own sake again? New Coke bombed for a reason.

  18. Juli B.

    I hate the new MSN home page so much! who on earth were they listening to anyways, fish in the sea? a majority of people hate it. why don’t they either switch it back, or give people the option of having the “older version?” it’s not very fair to people at all. this is just forcing me to have another website be my home page. SWITCH IT BACK MSN!

  19. Hate the new site. Give me the old one back.

  20. Johs. Eidsheim

    You guys have done it again, messed up a working facility to which I became familiar. Now my stock listng is gone and I am innundated by all the garbage of BING and other stuff. As if we needed an intrusive monkey see monkee do when there is GOOGLE. The Redmond crew is dodo as far as I am concerned. Go FIREFOX from now on. MSN is in the dump i this house.

  21. Sam

    The customers have spoken, change it back or make slight improvements over the old one. I can’t access hotmail quickly with the new page, this new format is very amatuer.

  22. Jane Kirchner

    No thanks for the change. I will use another home page. Stupid MSN. People used MSN because they liked the layout. Now you *><*ed it up an there will be a stampede out. People want real news,and a familiar page not Hollywood. I am also disturbed by Bing drop down interruptions wasting my time!!!

  23. Tim McFall

    Hate the new site. Give me the old one back.
    I will change my home page. If you want me to stay then give me what I want are I am gone!

  24. Johs. Eidsheim

    I was edited. My appropriate word, a 4 letter word beginning with “F” to describe your “NEW” site configuration was edited out on my comment. That is a violation of the First Amendment according to my Constitution oriented lawyer who wants me to file a suit against MSN. When something works well and your clients feel comfortable with it you must be sheer idiots to fool around with it and still keep your jobs. That is superior stupidity not worthy of Remond. Like Vice precident Cheney said to a certain senator , and I would assume is an allowable expression according to the First Amendment, ” Go F… yourself” . It is appropriate for the person(s) that came up with this stupid idea and their equals that aggreed to it and perfomed a sickly executed introduction to it. How stupid can you be and still keep your job. Blaah!

  25. i am reposting this. thanks mick. hate the new msn page, too. change it back bill gates.

    By Mick on March 8th, 2010 at 5:58 AM
    Old MSN homepage link below. Make sure to change it to your homepage settings. Tools>Internet Options> “use current” All site are monitored for traffic so Microsoft just might get the message that people don’t care for their version of “New Coke”. Link below.

  26. Johs. Eidsheim
    This is not my recently departed Is it a trap placed by the sam e ahs that screwed it up in the first place?

  27. Peter Stolberg

    Going to the Google Home Page tonight. As said before, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. I really dislike the new format.

  28. Jamie N

    After using MSN for many years… Thank You for this lousy update that I hate so much. You forced me to find iGoogle. iGoogle is a nice home page. Best part is I can still use hotmail. Thank You Microsoft for caring about your customers needs and good luck.

  29. Norman G

    The new msn page stinks. I cant get to the videos easily or scan the article in away that I had become acustomed too. All white, what were you thinking! Change it up or I change my home page to something else. I have used msn for my home page for over 8 years.

  30. L Powell

    I HATE the new homepage.

  31. Kevin Bachler

    Tried the new page for awhile, as did my wife. We talked about it today – we both hate it. Links are less available. The first news we see is pseudo-pop, pseudo-science entertainment crap. We are looking into whether just suing mymsn will do it for us, or whether we need to move to another provider entirely.

    This change was a huge disappointment.

  32. Hate the new homepage!You could have gave us a choice before changing it to what it is now. It sucks!Been a msn user for 9 years and now I am in search of a new home page.Thanks for nothing.

  33. Mark

    Absolute peice of garabage. Thanks again for giving us something we don’t want. Bill Gates is a tool

  34. Virginia

    I’m with everyone else!!!! I hate the new page…I want news, not entertainment. I want to be able to quickly see the weather at a half dozen places that are important to me without having to reenter them each time. I can’t stand this thing that’s being dumped on me!!! I’ve switched to google!!!!!

  35. syndir

    The new format is ridiculous. I have used MSN as my homepage forever. I will switch my homepage until MSN returns its webpage to its previous format. I mean, c’mon, it looks like something that a 6th grader could’ve created with minimal effort!

  36. Steph

    Noticed my homepage has changed to the UK version which is $”!$ and the .com homepage couldn’t get any worse (gives me a headache just looking at it). The old one had everything on it, didn’t need to navigate away from the page unless you were interested in something.
    Should at least make the old one available.


    Tweeking a system is goood. Scrapping an entire page to a new one and then making this change without proper notice is really making me upset. By reading the above messages I hope you all get the message don’t f…up what works.

  38. Homeless

    I get the feeling that MSN has the same attitude as our politicians do these days, and that is that they know better and other opinions do not matter.

    I really liked the old MSN hotmail but know that had to change? It was so easy to work with like to put a picture or file in the e-mail I just dragged or copy/paste in the e-mail. Now it has to go thru a server to get it attached in the e-mail and most the time it doesn’t come out right or get delivered in entirety? Maybe that change was done to make it more secure or whatever reason. If it was security I do not see how adding another location and several more steps could make it more secure that is not true.
    Maybe it was one more way to track and monitor people more. I have heard a theory that Bill Gates has become a government person just short and yet far above a politician in the common sense. That may explain the push for things like silverlight which is not far complete peer to peer.

    Looks like privacy is going away. for those that say they have nothing to hide wait till they are trying to do something and there is a person who can access their data. Good luck with your future court battles against the politicians or government cause they will know your every move right or wrong, even if they are the ones that are wrong that kind of advantage makes a lot of difference.

    Anyhow I would like to say that I loved the old page the layout was fantastic for seeing all news at a glance then just a matter of a click to go where I wanted. It really stinks now and I only go there to check my mail which I may change to the new site I find to call home. I no longer go to the MSN site as home. Maybe it is time for someone new to stepup and offer what you have left behind and bring back the “old style” MSN webpage.

    Thanks for the new improved page maybe it will catch on for some people. Not for me though. I guess it will be time for many to say good bye to MSN, Shame I have been going there since its conception.

  39. lily

    i hate the new msn i will never go on it again no surry never i cant believe they changed it anyway thanx alot for changein it its not like i cant get my old games buck well i ant i hate it!!!!!!!!!

    from me!!!…

  40. ryan

    I cannot have the new msn, i want old msn. changed homepage to 1037 the Q.

  41. weewee i hate new msn

  42. clarence conder

    change it back,the new one has less on then the old,like where (my msn) for one

  43. MM

    I hate thier stupid articles that promote Bing. You click on something that looks interesting and then you have to click on 5 links per page to get “answers” to what should already be in the text of the article. The links just bring up a bing search which make you click more. Stupid and greedy. I no longer waste my time with

  44. Dee

    I hate this new MSN homepage! The old one had much more information and
    a better layout. It was far superior in looking and and investing in the
    stock market too!!!!!!! I liked being able to check the “snapshot” and
    financials as well as the inside investors. It had everything neseccary for making good investments. BRING IT BACK PLEASE!!!!!!!

  45. Greg G.

    This new site sux!! Where are the stock gadget and all the other do dads and geegaws we used to use??? Get it fixed or I’m outa here!! Can you spell Google, Yahoo, or a thousand other sites that are customizeable!! This is the “New Coke” all over again!!!!!!!!

  46. rob

    Its garbage. all they had to do was reduce the bing pop mup adds and leave the old format.

    I am gone baby gone. Google all the way now.

  47. Jetracy54

    If msn insists on this new format I will change my home page to yahoo or somewhere else, its hard to navigate and is a giant step backwards

  48. Mojorob

    Don’t like this new page at all. Will change to another homepage if not returned to old one.

  49. Wayne1

    I’m gone! Hate the new MSN homepage. Changing to another! “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”!



  51. Cherkj

    what happened to local weather and news?

  52. Nikiosfp13

    i hate it! i hate it !

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