HTC 8S Windows Phone 8 device now available in India

After the worldwide launch of Windows Phone 8, manufacturers are busy lining up their latest devices for sale in various countries. Termed as its most affordable Windows Phone 8 device, HTC 8S is now available for sale in India through Saholic at an updated price of INR 19,359/-.

The HTC 8S can be rightly called as HTC 8X’s smaller brother and is specifically targeted for eastern markets like China, India etc. and won’t be available in the United States as earlier stated by HTC. Running the Windows Phone 8 OS, this sleek beauty is a treat to the eyes with its radiant colors and themes while also being lighter in the pocket.

It features a 4-inch WVGA display, is powered by a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, comes with 512MB RAM and 4GB of internal memory plus a microSD slot and a 1700mAh battery.

Though the Indian mobile market is flooded with Androids and iPhones, the changing stance in consumer needs might give Windows Phone 8 a much needed shot in the arm. And going by the good word of mouth and impressive sales figures, it looks like Windows Phone 8 mobile devices are here to stay.

Given the new look-n-feel plus the helpful features, I feel the HTC 8S sports an apt price tag. Go grab one while you are ‘quietly brilliant’.

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