India is the 5th most tracked country by the US intelligence, reveals PRISM

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  1. I hope the US doesn’t think of India as hostile. I want to visit sometime!

    Unacceptable? The US government doesn’t really care. We are spying on our own people, which we are investigating on the legalities of it now. Other countries are mad at the US, the US people are mad at the US government…. :/

  2. Indians of every walk have always been kind and civil to me, both those in India and those here in the USA. This is why I object to PRISM-like surveillances by any government: Indians, USA residents, and just about any demographic are mass spied-on and impugned, while many actual bad guys (of late, Boston Marathon bombers and North Albany, Oregon’s “Bomber Boy” looking to emulate Columbine) “slip past” this Orwellian “intel against terror/crime”…it’s HOW such data is so blatantly used more like A.A. Zhdanov than Harry Callahan that I object to.

  3. There are those people that don’t use the phone or internet to plan their attack. These kids that plan with a notebook… North Albany was scary because I went to school there as a kid. :/ A lot older now, but I know some of my old friends probably have kids in that school.

    This surveillance will turn up a few things, but it will also not catch a whole lot of other things. For all that peeking into lives of people, it’s not worth it. Bad for relations on all sides. The foreign countries don’t like us doing it, the US people don’t like it done…. The only people that see ‘good’ in it are those running it.

  4. The US doesn’t have friends or hostiles, just interests. What the NSA has been doing to India is not very nice, hope you don’t have the courtesy returned to you on a platter. Enjoy your visit but I would, as an Indian, that you would visit someplace else. thanks

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