India launches a $ 35 Tablet PC!

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  1. Is this true ?? I am not sure about this tablet and its configuration. If the power is 2 watt then it must be ARM architecture ( or non Intel ). If they mention that it won have hard disk then it must be MMC card or NAND disk. This will create great competition for OLPC or ClassMate CP.

  2. it looks more than a Vidoe Game, wht are its features & useage ?
    currently we cant even get touch screen phone at this price and they are saying laptop ???

  3. YT: Thanks for the video link. I have embedded it.

    OldElmerFudd: Thanks for the link. The cost is going to be subsidized by the Govt to the extent of 50%. But I guess only time will tell if it turns out to be a reality.

    Incidentally India also has a $2000 car Nano running successfully on the roads made by the Tata’s.

  4. I know it very well that its targeted for the middle class people in India and I really appreciate what these guys did. And I think THIS product is what we can actually call “magical” pr “revolutionary” 😛

  5. Actualy these are the real manufacturing prices for any fonr within a range of rs 10000 to rs 15000 in market. the hykened prices of these mobiles in market is due the profits of the middle man i mean any phone passes through many level from factory to the market in which at every step profit is involved.government is directly proving the tab to the market .hope this helps you to understand the so called greatness of government!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. hi this is navin kumar from allahabad. iwanted to know from which university and college it would be purched.thank u

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