Indian startup readying to unveil a $50 Tablet, quick on the heals of Govt’s $35 Tablet

Looks like Indian market is going to see a lot of low-cost Tablet PC’s! A few weeks back Indian HRD Minister announced a $35 Tablet which they are planning to launch in 2011; but the $35 price tag is for restricted for students & educational institutions only.

Now a Bangalore based company has built a prototype of Tablet PC codenamed “STAMP” running Linux O.S and the Android O.S which they claim will cost $50, again a cheap Tablet PC as compared with the other options currently available in the market like the OlivePad which costs around $550.

Founder of Allgo Embedded System, K. Srinivasan. said “We have developed the prototype for which the material costs are $35 and are currently in talks with manufacturers,” he said. “If we make 10,000 units, it will cost about $50. If we make a lakh units, it can be priced around $45 and costs can be as low as $ 40 if a million units are manufactured”.

Highlights of Android on STAMP:

  • Android 2.1 (Eclair) ported on i.MX233 STAMP platform
  • Port available on Freescale i.MX233 EVK also
  • Support for upto WVGA  LCD
  • Touchscreen / keypad support
  • Audio playback from internal flash memory and
  • SD-card
  • MPEG-4 / H.264 Video playback
  • Android USB gadget (Mass storage) support
  • SDIO based WiFi connectivity
  • Web browsing over WiFi network
  • Boot from NAND or SD-card.

Highlights of Linux on STAMP:

  • Freescale i.MX233 ARM9 CPU 450 MHz
  • Low cost BOM optimized design
  • Linux OS & BSP supported by AllGo
  • Display: Upto 800×480, with touch screen
  • HMI: QT and GTK support
  • Connectivity: SDIO WiFi / USB WiFi/ Ethernet
  • UART ports to interface to ZigBee module
  • Battery or mains powered, Support for battery charging
  • Available as Dev Kit.

This Tablet was showcased by Allgo Embedded System, at the Freescale Technology Forum in Orlando last month. It has a 7 inch and can be used run basic applications, browse the internet, play audio and videos and has wireless capabilities too.

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    Fantastic! I want one just to play with!

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