Insider Build 14926 introduces Snooze in Edge, updated WiFi settings, easier PIN login, etc.

Microsoft just put out the news that they are officially rolling out Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14926 to PC and mobile for Windows Insiders. The company also put out an advisory that systems running older Insider previews will start seeing expiry notifications and will stop booting on October 15th.

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14926

Says Microsoft,

Please make sure you update to Build 14926 via Settings > Update & security > Windows Update. Build 14926 has an updated expiration date of May 1st, 2017.

Insider Preview Build 14926 gets new features

With this update for Insiders, Microsoft brings a lot of new features for developers to test and experiment with.

Snooze in Microsoft Edge

This is an experimental feature and gives you the option to set a Cortana on the particular website you are viewing. It allows users to close tabs that have unfinished work, and get Cortana reminders as well as updates in Action Center, allowing you to open the site on Edge when you are ready to get back.

Updated Wi-Fi settings page on Mobile

Wi-Fi settings have been co-ordinated to work in the same way as on PC.¬†Settings > Network & wireless > Wi-Fi is the new shortcut for accessing Wi-Fi settings on Build 14926. Microsoft put out a disclaimer that the work on this move isn’t complete yet and the original one can be used as a fallback.

Improvement in PC upgrade experience

For Insiders, updating Windows is a frequent activity, and with pre-installed apps reinstalling with each update, it can get quite a bit cumbersome. With Build 14926, the system will detect what native apps have already been downloaded, and not reinstall them in your next update.

Pin login is now easier

Entering pin password can get frustrating, especially when the Num Lock is switched on by accident and the entry isn’t inputed into the password bar. With the new build, password will get entered irrespective of your Num Lock state during power on mode.

Apart from these major upgrades, Build 14926 also brings with it minor features like fixing crashes on Adobe Reader, correcting improper rendering of Windows icons and rectifying irregular bugchecks for certain users.

You can read more about the update here.

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