Instagram has 90 million monthly active users; 40 million photos clicked every day

After marching on marshy soil and then making a hasty retreat, Instagram has been in the news of late. But few new statistics about this popular photo-filtering app indeed paint a bright picture about its constant growth.


Instagram now has more than 90 million monthly active users (100 million registered users) with more than 40 million photos being captured through the app every day. Around 8500 likes happen per second and more than 1000 comments are posted every second. These are huge impressive statistics for a company which is just 26 months old and recently faced the ire of its users over an irresponsible gaffe.

Recently in December, Instagram faced backlash from the user community after it updated its terms and conditions stating that it can now sell user photos uploaded through its app to potential businesses. However, after widespread protests all over the world with users and celebrities threatening to stop using its services, Instagram quickly retreated by removing the offending language and modifying the terms and services document again, this time respecting users’ privacy.

The above mentioned stats indicate that Instagram is back on track with an important lesson learnt in user privacy. At peak times, Instagram handles more than 10,000 likes per second according to its technical co-founder Mike Krieger.

Hope to see Instagram on the Windows Phone store version sometime in 2013.

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