Interesting statistics and facts from Microsoft Worldwide Partners Conference 2011

It was around 9pm here. I was comfortably placed in my bed about to doze off when it struck me that the Microsoft Worldwide Partners Conference 2011 had just started. And boy, I was too lazy to get up, switch on my laptop and watch the live telecast. Snaptu came in handy, allowing me to access Twitter and follow whats happening there. And yes, it was interesting.


Following are a few facts and figures by which Microsoft wooed its partners at the WPC 11.

About 12,000 Microsoft Partners attended the opening day of the Worldwide Patners Conference 2011 in Los Angeles.

For each $1 Microsoft makes, its partner makes $8.70. (Its high time I myself bought some Microsoft shares)

More than 95% of its revenue comes from its partners. (Now this is pretty cool stuff for the partners to write it on their chest).

More than 350 million new PC’s were sold in 2010.

76% of the servers last year were shipped with Windows. (Wohooo!)

Microsoft has sold 100 milllion of licenses of Office 2010 till now. (If just Office 2010, then the unofficial number must be quite high because the quite a huge number of Office 2010 users work on unregistered versions)

Office 365 gets a new business every 25 seconds.

More than 400 million copies of Windows 7 sold till date. That is 8 times the entire Mac user base.

75% of business PC’s still run on Windows XP. (Shows the popularity of Windows XP)

1000 days from yesterday until Microsoft withdraws support for XP. (Tells you to update yourself as per changing technology trends. If XP was great, then Windows 7 is best. If Windows 7 is best, the Windows 8 will be AWESOME!)

50,000 businesses that have tried Office 365 (via its trial program) in the past two weeks.

That was a helluva lot of pretty interesting statistics. Stay tuned for more.

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  1. SCBright

    Interesting only for Microsoft and its partners, not for normal humans.

    MS is earning much money 🙂

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