IoT Central is Microsoft’s latest IoT as a Service offering

Microsoft’s IoT now gets a push with the launch of IoT Central which is a fully managed solution for IoT deployments without the need for expertise which is usually required for setting up cloud-based IoT solutions from the ground up. In essence, the IoT Central is more of a service that will help enterprises build on Microsoft’s offering.

Microsoft IoT Central

Microsoft IoT Central

Microsoft has also announced that it will be offering Azure Stream Analytics to edge devices thus making it easier for new IoT devices and is also launching a new analytical service meant for time series data. Most of the new offerings of IoT Central will be parallel to the existing Azure IoT suite.

The Azure Time Series Insights tool is one of the main highlights of the IoT Central. Microsoft explains how usually enabling IoT takes a special expertise for the enterprises and this is where the IoT Central comes into the picture. The IoT will be fully managed by Microsoft and allows enterprises to maintain their focus on the core offerings.

As of now the Azure Time Series Insights is available in preview and is like a new database from Microsoft which is used to log on every single event on Aure and the IoT data can be interactively visualized and analyzed further. Microsoft will also be offering an API in order to integrate it into the current workflows.

Microsoft feels that it has a head start since the company is the only cloud vendor in IoT which focusses on both solutions and deep on premises support and this is something that differentiates the company from its competitors.

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