Its time to uninstall Digsby.

The popular Digsby instant messenger client not only bundles half a dozen “optional” crapware applications, it’s also using your computer to crawl the web, do stock market research, and more. It’s time to uninstall.


Now, during a Digsby install, you are prompted for not one, not two, but six different pieces of crapware, and then for good measure they offer to replace your home page with something terrible and take your search engine down a notch.

It Gets Even Worse!  Your PC is Being Used Without Your Knowledge. Digsby is also using your processor to make money?

That’s right. Buried in the Terms of Service that almost nobody ever bothers reading, there’s this exploiting-the-fine-print gem explaining that they will use your CPU to run distributed computing problems that make them money

It’s time to end the reign of bundled crapware. Uninstall Digsby.

Full read @ Lifehacker.

Maybe you want to check out Pidgin or Windows Live Messenger, instead.

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  1. Erick

    All of our offers are 100% optional. We made a lengthy post ( ) explaining the feature when we introduced it but we realize that as we’ve grown, new users were not aware of it.

    We are working to make this option more transparent and will release and update this morning. Check out our blog post where we in explain in detail the revenue models we are testing and ask for your feedback –

  2. Digsby lover

    I LOVE Digsby!

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