Ixquick search engine to merge with StartPage

The Ixquick search engine is soon to merge with StartPage search engine. The Company recently announced the merger via their official blog. As per the stats revealed by the company, StartPage, the search engine launched in the year 2009 has become more popular as compared to Ixquick search engine which was launched in the year 1999. The merger will turn up on March 26, 2016, and you will start receiving the Startpage search results even on Ixquick.com. The sole aim of this merger is to combine the two similar products and turn it into one powerful one.ixquick merges startpage

The official blogpost says,

“Ixquick has been serving terrific search results since 1999, but when we introduced StartPage in 2009, it quickly grew to become our most popular search engine. In light of changing market conditions, it made sense to combine the two products into a more potent force for good”.

Ixquick and Startpage both provide the stand-alone proxy service allowing the users to open all search results via proxy. Which means that every search result on Startpage as well as Ixquick comes with a proxy link which protects your privacy while visiting any website. While Startpage is powered by Google Search, Ixquick uses many other search engines to collect the search data.

Some other best-known features of Startpage include-

  • It keeps your search terms confidential!
  • No tracking or profiling
  • 100% private Google results (Google never sees your searches)
  • Third-party certified, European based
  • Shielded from US data collection mandates
  • Uncensored results – no bubbling

Ixquick and Startpage were themselves called as the world’s most private search engines and now when the company is merging them, it would surely be more powerful with better features. However, if you still prefer Ixquick to be your default search engine, www.ixquick.eu will still be working.

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