JavaScript experts give Thumbs Up to Microsoft’s Spartan Browser

Microsoft Corporation according to JavaScript experts scores full-points with its brand new browser ‘Spartan’ in latest release of Windows 10. Many claim that there is no hint of Microsoft’s signature feel to Spartan. Reviewing the browser, JavaScript expert Simon Bisson claims that the new JavaScript engine along with the rendering pipeline is fresh and sleek. However, it fell short on the HTML5 compatibility factor, he claims, as it fared much lesser than the Internet Explorer 11. The best compatible with HTML 5 are –Chrome, Opera, besides Firefox as well as Safari.

spartan browser

Spartan is NextGen Web Browser on Chakra JS Engine

Microsoft’s Spartan browser is the next generation Web browser which is aligned with current strategy on Windows 10 for a two-browser system.

According to other experts, Spartan’s Chakra JavaScript is by far the fastest in its category and hence renders Spartan a winner at 8.5 on a scale of 10. Others such as Firefox would be a 5, while Safari would be closer to Spartan with 8.5, while most popular Chrome would be 6.

Microsoft’s Spartan also won a lot of praise for its ‘rendering’ capabilities as well. The technology of anti-aliasing has been helpful, experts claim.

However experts add that apart from making Spartan a faster browser, it does need to work on the tools it can offer developers. If Microsoft really wants to shape Spartan into a winner, then developer tools, the way Google Inc offers its developers is the need of the hour.

Microsoft’s CSS3 is also driving better standardization experts claim. Experts are excited with the new developments happening at the company. They claim that Microsoft appears to be shedding it earlier non-compliant image. They appreciate the software giant’s turn towards building as per standards of the industry and being part of the developer community, rather than isolating itself.

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