Justin Bieber Scandal Video unearthed – Just Don’t Click Here!

After being a center of Marijuana controversy for a while, spotted with a large bottle of codeine at the shindig – aka sizzurp, a new Justin Bieber controversy has popped up. It’s a scandal actually. According to ESET Threat Blog, a leaked scandal video of Justin Bieber getting high with Selana Gomez is doing rounds on Internet.

Bieber Scandal

The video also contains a teaser photoshopped picture of both being caught naked on a beach. It has been censored a bit by ESET for family-viewing. How the scandal video came into light? Righard Zwienenberg who works as a Senior Research Fellow at ESET Threat department received a ‘shared’ message from one of his friends. The message was about a leaked scandal video of Justin Bieber and Selana Gomez” promising a “naked Justin Bieber along with the above mentioned photoshopped pictures.

Once the message was there on Righard’s Facebook wall page, he got a message from ESET’s Social Media Scanner. The scanner is a free Facebook Application that protects your profile from malicious content by making sure that the content of your wall, newsfeed and private messages are checked for threats even when you are not logged in.  If an infection is found, you are notified by email and can take immediate action.


Thereupon, Righard did a bit of research over Internet for the images of the Canadian singer Justin Bieber and American actress Selena Gomez, together. There, he easily found other images from the same “series” that were more family-friendly, showing them covered.

From this, he concluded the message was no more than a click-jacking campaign, a campaign that spreads via Facebook and redirects a user to URL that “hosts” fake videos. The videos are however, never shown. Instead, they are made to fill in a survey that automatically subscribes them to a service with 3 questions per week that cost $3 per question.

You can find more information about it on the ESET Threat blog.

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