KIN Studio is closing in January, Verizon to give out replacement 3G phones.

According to Microsoft, KIN Studio, which was the backbone in the cloud for the device as well as the one feature users really loved about the KIN, is closing January 31st 2011.

Other than making phone calls, Zune Pass over Wi-Fi and email, removing KIN Studio makes the phone useless as the following features will no longer work:

  1. Feed Reader will stop working
  2. Search Near me will stop working
  3. Posting Photos to social sites will no longer be possible
  4. Most pictures currently on Kin will only appear at thumbnail resolution
  5. Posting to Social Networks will no longer work
  6. No comments from the loop
  7. Social network contacts will disappear
  8. Loop will stop to work
  9. Kin Spot will only send to emails
  10. Social networks only accessed from web browser.

Verizon is trying to make things right by letting users know now to back up their data now and going one step further, allowing them to pick a 3G phone of their choice for FREE. Offer is valid only through March 31st.
So if you are one of the users who did purchase the KIN and have still been using, get a head start and prepare to move over to a new phone if you are looking for more features than just phone calls.

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