LastPass and Dashlane now let you change all passwords in one click

LastPass and Dashlane, two popular password managers have just introduced an interesting new feature – one that lets you change all you passwords with a click. If one of your online accounts has been hacked or if you are using weak passwords or maybe you have been advised by some online service to change your password then these software will be able to offer you an easy solution.

auto-password change

Major security incidents, like Heartbleed, have compelled at new ways to further protect and secure users, and being able to change all passwords, in case of a breach at a single site, appears to be a very useful development. Using such a feature, you can change the passwords anytime and create more robust & strong passwords.

LastPass introduced its Auto-Password Change feature which helps you to change your passwords automatically. This feature is free for all beta users who are active on Chrome, Safari and Firefox. You can rely on LastPass for changing your passwords as the privacy and security in the main concern for this password manager. As a result, the auto-password change feature changes the password locally on your machine without accessing your data. Further, it encrypts all the sensitive data on your computer before syncing and doesn’t share your encryption key with any other third-party.

This new feature already supports 75 popular websites including Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Pinterest, and more. It offers a faster, easier and reliable service to change the passwords. It is working pretty well for desktop devices, but has some minor issues with mobile devices for changing crucial account passwords.

DashLane too has also come up with an automatic Password Changer. The company is well known for its password generation functionalities, but currently for changing passwords automatically it requires some manual intervention too. This new feature is already compatible with Amazon, Facebook, eBay, Google, PayPal and many others. But, we hope that DashLane will offers automatic password changes at set intervals in the near future.

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