LastPass, the password management system, is now a part of LogMeIn Family

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  1. TheBigOldDog

    When Logmein dropped its free accounts I stopped using it and recommending it. Everyone I know simply moved to other products and those who had paid for their premium offering dropped them when their accounts expired. I paid a small fortune for their android product that went from being a perpetual license to a one year premium logmein account. I am a long time paying Lastpass customer. The second they adopt Logmein’s business practices I am GONE.

  2. MmeMoxie

    I am concerned, like you are. I remember when LogMeIn had a free program, for strictly private use. TeamViewer still has a free program, strictly for private use, which is what I use now. If, LastPass goes to only a high premium price, per year, instead of the $12 a year — I too, will be gone!

  3. sylvester stallone

    Congratulations to logmein. LogMeIn is a leader in remote support industry. No doubt about that. Additionally, you may even try using a RHUB remote support server for remotely accessing MAC and Windows computers

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