Latin American students prefer Microsoft over Google

A new survey has shown that Latin American students prefer Microsoft to Google. This comes as an enormous surprise to some since Google takes the top spot in most sections of Europe.

This should be seen as a big plus for Microsoft because it means the company has access to a pool of talented young people are attending and leaving University each year.

Microsoft latin america

Google is able to grab some of the best talents in the world because of how the company is viewed in the technology industry. If Microsoft can keep a good face in Latin America and increase its presence in other markets, then Microsoft’s future would be 100 percent sure.

Why did Microsoft top Google?

From what we’ve come to understand, Microsoft has a larger and longer presence in Latin America when compared to Google. The software giant has offices in all 8 Latin American countries while Google only stands to have 5.

Whether or not if Google increases its offices in the region will help its prospects in the future is left to be seen, but it would surely help.

Still, with the launch of Windows 10 and the new way Microsoft is being handled under the care of Satya Nadella, it is possible that even if Google create more offices, Microsoft might just keep its edge.

We have to say, since Satya Nadella, it is the first time in a long while we’ve seen folks on the web saying a lot of great things about Microsoft. This is clear proof that the wrong mindset against the company is slowly changing over time.

As it continues to innovate and release products and services users want to be a part of, we suspect Microsoft will be on the same level as Google, or even above, when it comes down to how the company is viewed by the masses around the world.

Source: CNN.

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  1. Dan

    I’m in the western USA, and even I’ve got to admit I prefer Bing over Google, for example; Bing seems to fight the same “vpn and DMCA-type” issues as Google, yet without the inane “need” to overuse Captchas or overuse “something’s not right” even on mundane searches from known users. Security proaction and unobtrusive customer service may well be where MS trumps Google. Cheers!

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