LinkedIn app for Windows Phone 1.5 receives a major update

LinkedIn app for Windows Phone received a major update, including Live Tile support, lock screen support, speech, and more. The Windows Phone blog post reported its arrival on Tuesday.


What’s new in version LinkedIn app 1.5

  • Three Tile sizes push notifications right to your Start screen.
  • Lock Screen support to show images from LinkedIn.
  • Speech recognition support to enter “what-to-do” commands.
  • Now support French, German, Chinese, and Spanish.

Now for the first time LinkedIn users will be able to play with all three Windows Phone 8 live tile options. Users can actually resize the tile in small, medium, and wide format as per their wish. Windows Phone users are now able to use its Lock Screen support feature. Also as we mentioned, LinkedIn now supports more languages, including French, German, Chinese, and Spanish.

Windows Phone users are now able to use its new lock screen information feature on their updated LinkedIn app. It now includes the latest images from your LinkedIn Today. Instead of any further interactions, head straight towards the story by tapping on the image.

Frankly, its Speech recognition support fascinated me a lot. You just press and hold the Start button to open Speech, and enter commands like “LinkedIn: Inbox” and “LinkedIn: New status.”

LinkedIn is available to download from the Windows Phone Store.

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  1. gadget58

    No, it only says 1.5 in the windows Store, when you upgrade you will see that it is version 1.1. You can also check in the ‘about’ section in the application, it says 1.1. Linkedin have uploaded version 1.1 not 1.5 to the Store, and it have been like this for three days now. Amateurs!

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