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Love your Windows 7 PC/Laptop ? Does evangelizing about Windows 7 automatically come to you? If yes, then Microsoft is searching for you. Microsoft India has recently launched the Windows U Crew campaign to help the community in exploring the benefits of Windows 7 and using it to your best.

According to Microsoft, “This(Windows U Crew) is a great opportunity to help your peers explore the benefits of Windows 7 and win exciting prizes.

Students aged between 18-25 years are eligible to be a member of the Windows U Crew. The applicants should be studying a full-time course in a college in India with a valid student ID card. They should also possess a personal genuine Windows 7 licensed laptop with an Internet data card on it.

What do you get?

During the initial days, being a Windows U Crew member, you will be entitled to Windows U Crew t-shirts, caps, an ID card, personalized business cards and lots more. Top 10 Windows U Crew members of the month get gift vouchers worth up to INR 50,000 while every member also gets a certificate from Microsoft for being a part of the Windows U Crew.


Want to be a part of the Windows U Crew? Simple. Log on to the registration page and register with your Windows Live ID (you need to create one in case you do not have a Live account). You’ll be directed to take a simple quiz on Windows 7, this being a compulsory step in the registration process. Moving ahead, you’ll also be asked to create  a 3-4 minute original video on why you love your Windows PC, giving a demo of your favorite features like Windows Live Messenger, Windows Movie Maker, etc. This being the last step, Microsoft experts evaluate the details/video provided by you during the registration process and if all is good, you may end up as a Windows U Crew member.

As a Windows U Crew member, you will be required to complete a few tasks. Based on how well you perform these tasks, you become the ‘performer of the month’ and finally get certified as a Windows U Crew Champion.

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