Mac and iOS devices receive updates for OneDrive for Business

OneDrive is a file hosting service that is being popularly used across many devices today. You can keep your files private, share them with your contacts, or can keep them publicly as well, on OneDrive. In the past Windows Phone and Android users were the ones who were getting all updates from OneDrive and enjoying the services provided by it.

Now, Microsoft has released an update for iOS users that provides access to personal and work storage. So if you are an Apple user who love to use Microsoft services, this news is certainly a good one. According to a recent announcement from Microsoft OneDrive for Business clients are now available for Apple Mac and iOS users.

Reuben Krippner, Director of the Office 365 team, mentioned,

“In the last few months we’ve rolled out new mobile experiences across Android and Windows Phone, which allow people to connect to both their personal and business OneDrive storage from a single app. We’re excited to announce that today we released an updated OneDrive app for iOS that provides access to personal and work storage. This release rounds out the first phase of our mobile investments that deliver a single OneDrive experience across work and life.”

With this update, Business users can make use of One Drive to share their work from their iPhone, iPad, or Mac computers easily. Even though if there is no Internet connection still you can use One Drive offline for Business use as Microsoft has configured that ability in One Drive.

For Mac users, the public preview of One Drive for Business sync client is now available. Now users can manage and sync their files in a simple and secure way as it works in Mac Finder. For iOS users, the app is available to download from the app store and Mac users can get One Drive for Business Mac sync client Preview from Microsoft Download Center.

You can also refer this Office Mechanics video for further details. To stay updated with all the recent release from the OneDrive you can check out OneDrive Blog. So now download One Drive and enjoy easy management of your photos and business files from your iOS and Mac devices.

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  1. I realize iOS and iPhones dominate, but I wish MSFT wouldn’t forget the Windows Phone users. They are last now to get the updates and new features. I no longer feel loyal to using a Windows Phone anymore and am thinking of switching to the OnePlus One phone. I’ve heard a lot of great reviews on it.

  2. Ankit Gupta

    In my opinion, Windows Phone would be a great buy considering Windows 10 update round the corner.

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