Now access e-mail on your Xbox One with MailOnX

If you own a Xbox One and have been missing out on checking your mail, well there’s good news for you. The team at RedWater Technologies just launched MailOnX – the first dedicated email client for Xbox One. It has been designed on the Windows 10 APIs but will be exclusive to the next-gen console.

MailOnX email app for Xbox One

MailOnX email app for Xbox One

Priced highly at $9.99 or £7.69, MailOnX is quite expensive and currently supports only the basic functionality. The app doesn’t yet support notifications, and there is also no option to view your sent emails. The user interface is eerily similar to the native Windows 10 mail app and has the same design and animations.

This app isn’t available across platforms, and you need to be desperate to own a $10 app that lets you browse your mail on the console you use mainly for gaming. Let’s check out some of the highlighted features of MailOnX.

  • Receive and view emails from your contacts and other providers.
  • Ability to compose new emails/replies and send them to valid email addresses.
  • Compatible with most major email clients, including Outlook, Office365,  Yahoo, Gmail, Zoho, iCloud, Blueyonder & BTConnect, 1&1, AT&T, AOL.
  • Read emails offline.
  • Filter emails by email category and preference.
  • This is a unique feature – Use your pre-installed game images as the background image in your mail account.
  • Lock your email account when other members have access to the console.
  • Provides full support for Xbox Gamepad and Chatpad.

Despite all these features, it still seems quite redundant to own MailOnX on the Xbox One; Microsoft is anyway planning to get the official app onto Xbox One pretty soon. We could also expect this app to probably have Universal access sometime in the future, but don’t be too optimistic.

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