Malicious Febipos browser extension targets Facebook profiles

The annoying Facebook spamming malware Trojan:JS/Febipos.A has now hit the Internet Explorer too. Febipos was first spotted in May this year but at that time it was only affecting Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Fortunately, the Internet Explorer team spotted the malware before it made much damage. In addition, they have also listed the symptoms of this virus.


There are ridiculously large number of malware floating all over the internet. If you are not using a secure browser, you always run the risk of getting a hit. The easiest, yet one of the most effective platform to spread these exploits is our social network feeds. Betting on that, Febipos infects your Facebook feed and does horrendous activities, that includes liking, sharing, commenting on spam links, alluring your friend’s interest. Besides, the malware can also message your friends, and join and invite your friends to a shady group.

The malware has been identified as a Trojan, which disguises as “regsvr32.exe” program on the task manager and runs as a JavaScript on the browser. On further investigation, Microsoft found that Febipos shows itself as MicrosoftSecurityPlugin in the add-ons page, making general users believe that it in-fact is a legit security patch from the software giant. Among many other things, it also creates infective entries in the registry.

Once you are infected, the exploit will write the infamous “I made this much buck using this Google product, you can do too.” sort of messages.

As of now, Internet Explorer team has only found the symptoms, and there is no patch or anything available yet – but expect it to be released very soon. If you are using a good security suite you might not get infected.

In case you find anything unusual on your browser, you may take a look at this post to see all the symptoms. 

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