Mature version of Microsoft Edge browser for Android and iOS is out now

All interested users can now download and run Microsoft’s in-house flagship browser – Edge on their Android and iOS devices, respectively. The full-blown version of Edge browser is out! Its support for rival platforms will enable users to get a unifying browser experience.

Microsoft Edge browser for Android and iOS

Microsoft Edge browser for Android and iOS

The mobile version of Edge for iOS and Android includes certain handy features like,

  • QR code reader
  • Voice Search
  • Convenient Hub view

In addition to the above, some new features have been accommodated based on users’ feedback like,

Roaming Passwords – Saves a new password on your phone that also follows you to your PC. So, regardless of the location where you are and device you use, you will have quick access to the password saved.

Dark theme – If you are using this theme on your PC, the same experience will be replicated on your mobile.

Six months ago, Microsoft had surprised everyone when it announced the availability of Edge for Android and iOS.

Microsoft Edge is now available as a free download in the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Now, you too can experience familiar features like your Favorites (including Roaming Favorites), Reading List, New Tab Page, Reading View, and Roaming Passwords in Microsoft Edge across all of your devices. And, what makes Microsoft Edge really stand out is the ability to continue on your PC, allowing you to open a web page from your phone right on to your PC. We look forward to bringing new features and updates to Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android in future updates, so please keep providing feedback, mentioned Joe Belfiore / Corporate Vice President, Windows in a blog post.

Microsoft Edge for iOS is available in

  1. United States (English)
  2. China (Simplified-Chinese)
  3. France (French)UK (English)

Microsoft Edge for Android is available in,

  1. United States (English)
  2. Australia (English)
  3. Canada (English and French)
  4. China (Simplified-Chinese)
  5. France (French)
  6. India (English)
  7. UK (English).

Availability in additional markets will likely improve, soon.

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