Maybe India’s $35 tablet is made in China … or then again, maybe not!

The Indian Government had recently, with great fanfare announced a $35 Tablet PC Sakshat. The Rs.1,500 ($35) Tablet PC is meant for students and teachers in Schools, Colleges and Universities.

“The computer has been developed by a research team comprising IIT professors and experts from IISc, does not have a hard disc and uses Linux… but it has every function, which a normal computer has,” the India’s HRD Minister  had claimed.

While there were doubts about whether the Tablet was actually an Indian product, now more than one sources are reporting that this Tablet could in fact be the Hivision Speedpad, seen at CeBIT 2010 and priced around $100.

“A search on the web threw up at least one obscure Chinese company called HiVision. They’re known to make dirt cheap tablet PCs. But I didn’t find much info on how reliable they actually are. They make a machine called SpeedPad”.

I do not look at it as conclusive evidence, since it is known, that the casing designs are often available openly everywhere and is free for use by any manufacturer.  But yes, it does raise questions!

Others maintain that the Indian $35 Tablet is based on electronics and software made by Bangalore’s AllGo Systems.

What the truth is … only time will tell!

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