MBE Review: Second-most expensive App in Windows Store is out

Most Apps available in the Windows Store for download are free but some are not. These are paid apps and require you to shell out few bucks before buying them. Although a bit expensive these apps help you get first-hand information on your topic of interest. One such app is MBE Review that claims to be the second most expensive app in the Windows Store.

eBar review

MBE Review is e-Bars’s latest offering. The United States Company offers bar exam preparation services. The app has been designed to help and train aspiring law students to pass the Multistate Bar Examination. How? MBE Prep & Review software provides a mobile based solution for practicing for the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE). In short, the app provides all the relevant material to a law student necessary for passing the bar exam and become a practicing attorney. Please note that the Internet connectivity is required for accessing the required content.

Here are the features of the app.

MBE Review Features

  • Simulated Exam Mode – 200 question exams that are timed/scored like a real exam.
  • Practice Exam Mode – Choose how many questions you wish to take (random selection or select your MBE question subject including subcategories within each subject)
  • Question / Answer Mode – Similar to Practice Exam Mode, except you receive the answer / explanation following each question.
  • 1000+ questions, officially licensed from the NCBEX along with full explanations to each question.

Interested users can download MBE Review from the Windows Store for $299.99.

Which the most expensive app in the Windows Store!? It is EMR Surface for $499.99.

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  1. Greg Partlow

    seems about the right price, I took my ccna 5 times, then I learned how to take tests. sometimes the cost of the test requires you spend more to better prepare so you pass the first time and inhibit paying another $150-$300 for a single exam… 

    though, don’t aspiring lawyers try to look at the law in detail and find ways to get their clients the best possible outcome from their legal situation? if you’re a clever lawyer, you can find clever ways to obtain these test preparing materials.

  2. hemant saxena

     i agree!

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