Microsoft Accessibility web site redesigned

Microsoft has just released the newly redesigned Accessibility Web site. You’ll notice some changes which make the site easier for visitors to find information about accessibility in Microsoft products. Interestingly, with the redesign, Microsoft has also illustrated that accessible Web design can also be beautiful even on a tiny budget!

The goal of the site has always been to show computer users with disabilities and accessibility needs how to make their PCs easier to see, hear, and use with accessibility features built into Microsoft products.

The site includes step by step tutorials to introduce you to some of the most commonly used accessibility features in Windows, Office, and Internet Explorer family of products. The instructions show you how to use the mouse or keyboard to navigate, select options, and change settings.

Explore and read further on the site to discover what’s possible with accessibility today and read inspiring profiles of accessibility in action.

Links:  Microsoft AccessibilityMSDN Accessibility Developer Center

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  1. Vishal

    I had been looking for information on MS accessibility since I am into PR…thanks for this important piece of info. Now i can replicate for the India website as well.

  2. AbhishekBaxi@TWC

    Glad it was useful.

    Sadly, accessibility doesn’t get much media or Web mentions. A very important field of computing, and a lot to do.

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