Microsoft joins AI non-profit partnership with Google and Facebook

Artificial Intelligence in general, has been one of the most promising technologies that are currently blooming. Microsoft has been working quite a lot on this front and Project Oxford is one of its endeavor. AI is currently being used to help machines train themselves and produce the desired results by tapping into its neural networks.

artificial intelligence

The partnership on Artificial Intelligence is aiming to create a platform in order to formulate best practices on AI technologies and also advance the public’s understanding of AI. The platform will further also discuss the influences of AI over people and society.

Amazon, Google, Facebook, IBM and Microsoft have already announced that they will be funding the non-profit organization and help people get access to the best of AI technology. The forum will be presided by top level academicians, user group advocates, and industry domain experts. The organization is named Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society (Partnership on AI).

The Partnership is further expected to address the challenges and opportunities in lieu with the AI technologies in order to reap benefits for the people and the society. The members of the organization will involve themselves in research, recommend best practices, and public research in areas of ethics, fairness, and transparency. The partnership will stray away from any sorts of Government or policymaking bodies.

So this is how it works, the organization’s founding members will pool in and contribute not just the money but also the resources for the partnership. Furthermore, they are also expected to open up the gateway to top academics, user group advocates and also industry domain experts. The new organization will be represented by both corporate and non-corporate members. The partnership is already holding talks with Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) and also non-profit research groups inclusive of Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence.


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