Microsoft & Fujitsu working together to bring PalmSecure authentication to Windows devices

Windows Hello which offers Windows 10 users a unique way to log into their devices and applications using a fingerprint, iris scan or facial recognition may soon become a thing of the past. Yes, the company has partnered with Fujitsu to introduce a new technology – PalmSecure authentication to access devices.

Windows Hello replacement

PalmSecure authentication for Windows 10 Pro devices

The palm-vein based authentication method would use the unique palm attributes to identify a user and allow him to loin, bypassing the step of entering the password manually. What’s unique about this technology is that it has a false-identification rate of 0.00007%, which Fujitsu claims is the lowest of all biometric authentication methods.

While Fujitsu has agreed to embed its PalmSecure sensors into selected devices, Microsoft has committed to supply the relevant drivers supporting the sensors. If done, users will just need to hover a hand over the sensor rather than touching a fingerprint sensor to log in. It will also be faster since the existing fingerprint scanning method requires you to swipe your finger precisely. Any deviation demands you to swipe your finger again.

The business world is quickly evolving to a place where many employees work remotely. The benefits of working remote are numerous, yet with this transition comes potential security risks. To better protect and secure a mobile workforce, Fujitsu has teamed with Microsoft to build devices with Windows 10 Pro and industry-leading biometric options including Windows Hello and palm vein authentication to prevent security attacks in the modern workplace, mentions Microsoft Blog.

The identification process will rely upon infrared camera to take measurements of the veins under the skin which normally follow a unique pattern and as such, differs from one person to the other.

A vast majority of businesses have already deployed PalmSecure feature but Fujitsu is the only manufacturer producing laptops with the required hardware pre-installed, and support is limited to Windows 10 Pro.

Please note – Although the new line of Windows 10 Pro devices will feature palm-reading technology, it won’t tell your fortune! 😉

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  1. whatabug

    It looks like there’s no need for actual physical contact. You can just swipe your hand above the scanner. Cool, tech, but also clean!

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