Microsoft announces 3 business productivity apps for Android smartphones

With more number of people using smartphones to manage their business now a days, Microsoft has launched 3 smartphone business apps that can help small businesses become more productive. Recognizing the growing use of the Android OS on smartphones across the World, Microsoft has announced these business productivity apps for the Android platform to start with.

The apps named as Sprightly, Connections and Kaizala are built to address SMB needs for a better digital presence, business relationships, team management and business transactions. These business apps are courtesy of Microsoft’s innovative team from Garage.

Sprightly, Connections and Kaizala

Sprightly – Makes professional content for your business and personal needs

Starting with Sprightly, it helps to create a better looking digital-content for your business needs. Business users can create a catalog for their products or share price-list with buyers using Sprightly.


Sprightly also allows users to create and send ecards to family, friends & customers on festive occasions. Moreover, the content you create, can be easily shared on multiple platforms including WhatsApp and Facebook.

Connections – A perfect sales tool

As the name suggests, Connections is all about managing the details of your business connections in an organized manner. If you are a Vendor, retailer or supplier, you can use Connections to remember the order and customer information or categorize contacts with tags to auto-organize and broadcast SMS to groups of contacts for propagating your sales offer.


What more, but you can also set reminders for each contact as a reminder to follow-up for your quotations.

Kaizala – A simple chat application for your team

Kaizala is productive chat application that support free team conversation and help you keep a track of every individual task. This is especially useful for small business owners whose job demand frequent tours and customer visits and while they are on the run, Kaizala allow for a better synchronization with their team to manage their day-to-day business on chat.


Sprightly, Connections and Kaizala are currently available only on the Android platform. While Microsoft says that these apps will be shortly available on the iOS platform, there is no such commitment if you are a Windows Phone user.

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