Microsoft announces Arc Touch Bluetooth mouse and other accessories for PCs

A few days back, Microsoft announced some really interesting accessories for Windows PCs. These accessories include the uniquely-designed Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse. The other accessories are limited edition versions of the Universal Mobile Keyboard and Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500. Besides this, the combo of Xbox One Controller and Cable for Windows has also been announced.

Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse

The new version of the Arc Touch Mouse has Bluetooth 4.0 Low-Energy technology. The main attraction of the Arc Touch mouse is the ‘arc’ed body. About this curvy body of Arc Touch Bluetooth mouse, Windows mentioned,

“For the “bendy” part of the mouse, it too is also clear using a clear rubber material. It feels just like the same material that’s on the released version of the Arc Touch Mouse but just clear. On the “bendy” section of the mouse grease is used to aid in the “bendy-ness”. Because this special Arc Touch Mouse is clear, it shows a dark/black “smudge” if you look close”

You can bend the mouse when you want to use. On the other hand, when you want to store it, you can flatten the mouse.

Arc Touch Bluetooth mouse

This feature makes Arc Touch Bluetooth mouse portable. Another remarkable feature of Arc Touch Bluetooth mouse is that it offers precise vertical scrolling, which works by your feel and not by using the wheel. Regarding remaining features of this mouse, Windows mentions in the blog,

“Today, we’re announcing a new version that has all the same awesomeness of the previous versions. It has the touch strip in the center so you can swipe, tap and flick to navigate your screen with a single finger. It has BlueTrack technology for use on virtually any surface. And you can flatten the mouse to turn it off. However, along with a new color and look, this version of the Arc Touch Mouse has Bluetooth 4.0 Low-Energy technology so that you can connect to your PCs or tablets for those who prefer pairing it instead of using a USB nano transceiver.”

The Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse will be available in September and the prices will start from $69.95 (U.S.). You can buy the mouse online from other retailers.

Other accessories

Apart from the Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse, Windows also announced other accessories such as limited edition Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500. The mouse comes in beautiful 3D-textured designs.

Arc Touch Bluetooth mouse

The lovers of Xbox too have one more reason to smile as Windows announces Xbox One controller and cable for Windows. You just need to plug the controller to a USB port along with the cable which is 9 feet long and start playing.

Arc Touch Bluetooth mouse

You can buy all these accessories from Windows Store.

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