Microsoft announces new Azure and Cloud base technologies at TechEd Europe

In the recently held TechEd Europe event, Microsoft announced many new cloud based services, APIs, mobility solutions and few other applications that are designed especially for enterprise customers, where in software developers and IT personal will work together to achieve a mobile-first, cloud-first world.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft announced new features for Azure platform that will automate cloud services and these features include:

  • Azure Operational Insights: This feature brings in Azure, HDInsight and Microsoft System Center together to gather and analyze machine data across different cloud platforms and turn them into useful information.
  • Azure Batch: Azure batch feature allows users to deploy massive scale out jobs and can solve complex problems in just a few clicks.
  • Azure Automation: If we go by the name, Azure Automation automates the process across Azure and 3rd party platforms hence reducing the manual risk.

Few other security enhancement features especially for Azure Virtual Machine and Cloud Services are also announced and they are:

  • Support for multiple network interface cards (NIC): It will allow user to create their own network and can use it as load balancers to manage network traffic.
  • New Network Security Groups: This will create customized security boundaries and it will offer better control over traffic flow.
  • Microsoft Anti-Malware for Virtual Machines and Cloud Services: This feature will help customers with real time threat protection.

Microsoft also announced management, security, privacy and compliance enhancement features for Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility Suite and it includes:

  • Microsoft Intune Updates: These update helps user to manage Office mobile apps, consolidate the application across various LOBs, enable more secure mobile app viewing and provide powerful conditional access feature.
  • Built-in Mobile Device Management (MDM) for Office 365: MDM feature will allow user to wipe out data for Office 365 on Windows Phone, Android and iOS devices to prevent unauthorized access hence to improve mobile data security.
  • Azure Active Directory (AD) Premium Updates: ¬†This update will allow user to publish on-premised applications to external users outside of the company network via the Azure AD Connect.
  • Extending Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technology across Office 365: This feature is not yet available for immediate use but it will be added to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business in next few months and it will help in data loss.
  • New Open Office APIs for Office 365: These REST-based feature for mail, calendar, files and contacts will empower Android, iOS, Windows or Web developers to leverage over 400 petabytes of Office 3655 content.
  • New mobile software development kits (SDKs) for native app development: These SDK makes easier for developers to use Office 365 APIs to create applications for any platform using the tool.
  • Office 365 App Launcher: This feature allow users a single customizable place in Office 365 where people can access their favorite apps.

Microsoft continues to deliver new partner-powered cloud solutions including expanded cloud OS network and Azure certified for application services program.

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